Visualizing & Interpreting Robert Scoble’s 2010 Web From the User Perspective

June 10, 2009 – 10:00 am | by Kevin Skobac

A key part of marketing is understanding the right way to engage your audience and message within an environment.  This is particularly challenging in the online space because the web is changing rapidly and so with it the user experience, as well as user expectations.  To be successful in building relationships with their consumers online, brands need to invest more time understanding the landscape.  Recently emerging web evangelist Robert Scoble wrote an interesting blog post outlining his thoughts on the characterstics of the web in 2010.  While I believe he has keyed in on many of the important trends defining the web experience today from an infrastructure standpoint, I am more interested in exploring the trends in terms of how they shape the user experience.  I’ve embedded below a short presentation I put together interpreting Scoble’s “principles of the 2010 web” from a user perspective.  As marketers we need to continually develop these insights into the ever changing web to be smarter about how we provide value to our audience within the digital space.  Visualizing & Interpreting Robert Scoble’s 2010 Web From the User Perspective

This is a work in progress and meant to be a thought starter.  I’d love to hear your feedback and your own interpretations on the 2010 web, the implications to marketing, and your outlook on web marketing moving forward. Also, what are your expectations for the web as user?  And thank you to Robert Scoble for starting the conversation.
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