The Importance of Social Media in Search Engine Optimization

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

If there was any question before, last week’s Google announcement that content from your social graph would now be included in your search results is another big proof point that brands need to be thinking about social media as a major contributing factor in their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.   Over the last few months Google has increasingly handed coveted “first page result” spots to social content.  It started with their real-time integration of Twitter results, and now it’s with the open beta of their social search experiment.

Why is this critical for companies to recognize and incorporate in their SEO? Because your corporate website, no matter how well it’s ranked, is being quickly overshadowed by all of the social content g your brand.  Now results are filled with a slew if blog posts, tweets as they happen, and the links a person’s friend shared about the brand on Facebook.

Don’t worry, though- brands don’t have to be left in the cold.  They do need to start engaging consumers in social spaces, producing content of value, and making their content sharable.  That way the valuable information is getting shared and enforced by advocates and being included by Google in the spaces reserved for the user’s social graph.

This, by the way, is why SEO was on my list of 9 Reasons Why Social Media is important for the bottom line.

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Learning Strategic Blogging From Chris Brogan

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Famed marketing blogger Chris Brogan recently published a fantastic piece where he illustrates how brands need to approach social media programs with clearly defined objectives, strategies, and tactics to see success. In his post, he maps out 8 examples of strategic blogging, from objective through to tactics. Chris’s post isn’t designed to be the end-all be-all of blogging strategy, but it’s a great starting point to understanding how blogging can be used to accomplish specific objectives. Brands need to think deeply about what types of social media programs they should engage in to reach their objectives, and lay out game plans for the program. And if blogging is one of the initiatives, then Brogan’s article is a strong starting point – thanks Chris!

Below I’ve created a chart that lays out Chris’s sample strategic blogging framework in easily digestible form, but make sure to check out his article for deeper insights:

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15 Insights from the Social Media Boot Camp

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

On Tuesday I attended Social Media Boot Camp, a half day conference put together by, with the focus on actionable social media thinking. I was looking forward to the conference specifically because Fred Wilson and Ian Schafer would both be speaking there, but virtually all of the presenters did a great job at delivering case studies and strategic thinking that made the 4 hours incredibly worthwhile. Lately I’ve been seeing collective communal intelligence around social media take a step forward beyond the initial chaos of social media to moving towards deeper understanding and more defined courses of action. For the benefit of the UsableClicks community, here are 15 key insights and themes that were discussed at the Social Media Boot Camp: (more…)

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